• 1How to get to ho tram from ho chi minh City

    Going to Ho Tram Strip resort from Ho Chi Minh City, we will take the free way called as ''Long Thanh Dau Day''. In the midle of Free Way you will turn left to National Road No. 51. When you reach Ba ria City then turn left to National Road No. 55
  • 2Can I order the same driver for several days?

    Yes, we can provide you the same driver subject only to his scheduling.
  • 3How do I contact my driver?

    We will offer you our service infomation such as driver'sname, his cell no. car's plate. If you leave the car for some time to attend a meeting of go shopping, you can call directly to our driver to come and pick you up at the pre-arranged pick up point.
  • 4What kind of car will I get?

    The cars depicted in the website are typical of the car you will be provided however similar makes or models may be supplied.
  • 5How long does it take from Tan Son Nhat I'ntl Airport to Hochiminh City?

    Hochiminh City is just 08 kilometers away and takes 35 minutes from Tan Son Nhat International Airport. However it might take less time or longer depending on traffic.
  • 6What if I have a lot of local currency left over when I leave?

    You can change local currency back to the currency you entered with by showing the yellow customs slip that you were given on arrival. The amount you take out must be less than the original amount you brought in.
  • 7Where can I change my currency into local currency?

    At the airport, in banks, or in shops licensed to sell gold - exchange rates are very similar. Steer clear of street moneychangers - the exchange rate will be no better, and being given forged notes is a risk.
  • 8What are the levels of commission for changing money in Vietnam?

    All credit card transactions in Vietnam are subject to a surcharge. Charges for other transactions vary: we will supply full details on request. There is no commission on excanging ‘hard’ currency.
  • 9What about travellers’ cheques?

    Travellers’ cheques and cash in any international currency can be changed at all major banks. Some hotels will accept travellers’ cheques.
  • 10Can I pay by credit card in Vietnam?

    Yes, but only in a few places. In cities, large hotels, international restaurants and some souvenir shops take Visa or MasterCard, but it is not wise to rely upon it as a method of payment.
  • 11Can I use a credit card to get cash in Vietnam?

    Yes, but it gets more difficult the further you are from the cities. Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other centres have ATMs that accept the main cards, but only dispense local currency. Be warned that all credit card transactions in Vietnam are subject to a 3% surcharge (3.9% for Amex)
  • 12Am I responsible for damages to the car?

    On a chauffeur drive rental, our chauffeur is responsible for the car, not you.
  • 13Does VN Rent A Car have a Lost & Found section?

    Sometimes, the guest left behind their cell phones, CDs, sunglasses and other personal items in our vehicles. In this case, please be sure to call our agent at phone number listed on your rental agreement . We highly recommend that you report your lost item at your earliest convenience. While we can’t promise its return, we’ll do our best to find it.
  • 14How to pick-me up at the airport?

    1. Inform us your full name, flight no, arrival time, name of airport (your cell phone, if any). 2. After passing Immigration counter and Custom check, you will go out of the arrival terminal. At the Exit of arrival terminal, our staff or driver will hold the signboard with your detail as above information, meet and greet you then escort you to the parking or curb, bring you home, hotel or the place you wish.
  • 15Will my driver speak English?

    Yes, all of our drivers can speak and understand English. If you encounter any communication problems, you can use you're the mobile phone provided by our driver speak with one of our customer service agents or a managers.
  • 16Can I rent a car for self-drive with an international drivers license?

    No, current laws in Vietnam forbid drivers without a Vietnamese drivers from operating a motor vehicle.

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